Staycation Babba Canales


Babba Canales


FAMILY: Carl Waldekranz and dog Blue
WORK: Founder of BY BABBA, a brand marketing agency based in New York City. 

Tell us a little about yourself;

I live in New York City, but grew up in a small town in the south of Sweden, Kristianstad. However, Stockholm feels very much like my ‘hometown’. I moved here at the age of 18. I’ve built such a big part of my life here. This is where I met the love of my life, where I met some of my closest friends to date and Stockholm is also where I built my career.

You have done such an impressive journey through your career already, for those who don’t know, what’s your story?

I began working in Sweden for a startup brand, whom approached me, Uber. They were looking for a local team to launch the service in Sweden. After meeting with Uber, I saw this position as a rare opportunity to act like an entrepreneur, without the risk. I landed the job and was tasked to help launch Uber in Sweden, which became the fastest growing market. I then relocated to New York City and headed up partnerships and fashion before joining the travel startup, Away, as Director of Brand Marketing. After helping the company build their brand marketing strategy, I wanted to help other brands find their brand voice and strategy and do it at a scale. With an urge to be my own boss and open my knowledge and network to help multiple brands, BY BABBA, my brand marketing agency was born.

Where’s your favorite place when you want to get inspired?

I love going to the Tictail app and browse through emerging designers from all over the world! I am inspired by self starters who chase their passions. At Tictail, I love discovering emerging designers around the world and witnessing their creativity first hand.

Since you’re not based in Stockholm anymore, which place is your first pit stop when you are back in town?

I have my go to spots: Alma is where I go to get work done, Snickarbacken for ‘fika’ meetings, Bågar & Glas to restock my eyewear collection, Urban Deli for lunch meetings, Rodebjer at Norrmalmstorg and Acne Archive at St Eriksplan for Swedish fashion.

Favorite dinner spot in Stockholm?

Riche and Urban Deli are my go to spots for casual dinners with friends, but if I’m in the mood for  a true food experience I love going to Farang (their tasting menu is amazing) or Adam och Albin.

Your favorite hotel in the world and why?

Miami Beach House is probably one of my favorite hotels because of their modern approach to luxury. The rooms are beautiful, overlooking the ocean. The restaurant is always fun with a casual vibe, and the staffed beach beds are great for spending your day by the beach without having to go anywhere for food or drinks. I can spend days there reading books and sipping on margaritas.

Who would you love to have an inspiring hotel breakfast with? Any person in the whole world? And why?

Diane Von Furstenberg. I loved her book ‘The Woman I Wanted To Be’, she’s a huge inspiration to me. She’s the kind of woman who has lived her life to the fullest while empowering and supporting so many women along the way.

You are a frequent flyer, what’s your best tip for a light packing when you travel?

When I travel for work, I always pack a few two-pieces to make getting dressed as easy and efficient as possible. I travel mostly overseas back and forth between NYC and Europe for work. More often than not, I take the redeye and land right in time for a board meeting, which means I rarely have time to wait for a checked bag. I therefore always opt for Away’s perfect carry-on, compliant with all global airlines- it fits so much more than one would think with the compression compartment.

Functional, Smart,
Tasteful and Healthy.”

Top 3 things you never travel without?

My dog Blue! My phone (and a portable charger, of course!) and my noise cancelling Bose headphones that allow for me to hop on a business call no matter where I am.

How will you describe your stay here at Hotel With Urban Deli?

It was the perfect stay for a work trip. After a long day of meetings, I would come back and enjoy a delicious (yet casual) dinner at the restaurant, then buy some healthy snacks to the room from the Urban Deli food hall and go home and enjoy a movie night in bed before going to sleep. In the morning I would go for a workout at the Adidas x Fashionable Fit studio in the building and then enjoy a healthy breakfast before kicking off my workday.

And to summarize; If you could choose 4 words that best represent the Hotel With Urban Deli, what would they be?

Functional, Smart, Tasteful and Healthy.