Urban Deli is a wonderful fusion of restaurant, bar, food hall, café and convenience store. Urban Deli originally opened at Södermalm, Stockholm year 2009 and is known for both great food and drinks and a friendly atmosphere, with a unique mix of people of all ages and sort…

Urban Deli Sveavägen opened up in September 2015 and is the largest Urban Deli so far. At Sveavägen the concept has extended with a Roof Top Bar with a fantastic view of Stockholm City, a food studio with cooking courses as well a conference possibilites.


Stockholms most energetic convenience store? Here you can get tips for dessert, a tasty recipe, coffee on the go, ready made meals, packaged dinners, bread, and much more that speaks food. In any case, if you don’t know what to eat, we do.


With seating for almost 60 people, both your friends and family can fit in this bar. Have some food, or just a glass of something cold and refreshing. This is the perfect place to start, spend or finish the evening.


Have a coffee, grab a bite to eat, snuggle up with your laptop, hang out with your friends after a hard days work, or just sit back and chill. As simple as that.


On top of the roof there’s lush green park, with a great bar to hang out and enjoy the spectacular view of Stockholm. Come on up and cultivate yourself at our Coctail bar, where we serve vodka, as well as charcuteries, wine, beer, soft drinks and water.

ALL DAYS 11.30 -20.30


We aim at serving good quality food and hope that your dining experience will be great every time you visit. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, drinks, snacks and so on…


Our staff will cut what you need, and also help you out – give you tips about air-dried, hung and tenderized, aged or fished. Or choose among your own favorites.


At the moment one of our well hidden secrets. One day the studio is used to train the future stars of home cooking, the other day it is filled with cheerful party people!